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Helping an Employee Overcome Their Self-Doubt

You want to give a member of your team a stretch assignment, but she tells you she’s just “not ready yet” — she’d like to get more experience before taking it on.

You offer to make a valuable introduction for someone you mentor. He seemed excited about it at first, but doesn’t follow up. Later, you discover that he felt intimidated, like he’d have nothing to say.

As managers and mentors, we frequently encounter situations like these, when we come up against the limiting voices of self-doubt in the people we support.

The negative impact of that voice is tremendous. If someone on your team is hampered by a harsh inner critic, they’re likely to talk themselves out of sharing their ideas and insights. Held back by self-doubt, some of your most talented people will shy away from leading projects or teams, or put off going for the big opportunities – new clients, new business lines, innovative moves – that could help your business grow.

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