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How to Pull Yourself Back From the Brink of Burnout

Rock-bottom burnout isn't a pretty thing. Running your tank down to zero often results in rash decisions, strained relationships, months of being unproductive, and the physical toll of less-than-healthy coping strategies. That's why the best solution to burnout isn't the many tips out there for recovering from the condition, but to avoid reaching that point in the first place.

Preventing yourself from hitting the wall of burnout hard involves knowing the early-warning signs that you're coming close to a crash. By the time you're sure that burnout is imminent, it's often too late to avert it.

So what are these subtle signals that you're creeping along the path to exhaustion? In the course of a long and interesting post on the causes of and cure for burnout on Lifehacker, Alan Henry suggested several red flags.

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