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WISE WEDNESDAY: To Motivate Employees, Find a Balance Between Job Enrichment and Job Enlargement

Like most entrepreneurs, your early startup days were far from glamorous. Still, you wouldn’t trade those long nights and countless strategy sessions for anything. You rely on these experiences to help drive your company toward success. But what’s motivating your employees to do the same?

To uncover the influencers of employee motivation, satisfaction and dissatisfaction, psychologist Frederick Herzberg conducted a series of studies and stumbled across a fascinating discovery: The contributors to job satisfaction and dissatisfaction aren’t related. In other words, fixing problems or establishing a positive work environment won’t translate into more satisfied employees; it just means they’re no longer dissatisfied.

Herzberg concluded that true employee satisfaction rests in a fulfilling job experience – more commonly known as job enrichment or vertical job loading. Employers who deepened their staff’s knowledge through programs or benefits promoting achievement, recognition, responsibility and advancement had the happiest, most productive workforces. They also had more cohesive work cultures, increased company loyalty and more motivated teams.

To enrich the work experience and instill motivation in your employees, implement these five practices into your organization... click here to read more.

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