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WISE WEDNESDAY: The Number 1 Reason You Aren’t Productive At Work

Productivity is about more than getting as many projects finished as possible. Productivity involves efficiency, quality, and completion. You might have a lot of work on your plate, and you continue to accept new assignments. After all, you are the best choice for the job. But you may start to notice that your high level of assignments is preventing you from being productive.

Despite your ability to create and maintain an appropriate schedule and set deadlines for your projects, your productivity is at an all-time low. The quality of work is adequate at best, and your managers are beginning to question your ability to handle the day to day responsibilities of your position.

What gives?

Chances are high that you are experiencing significant overwhelm. Let’s examine how to identify symptoms of overwhelm, how to get out from overwhelm, and how to discuss your productivity with your superiors and your team members...

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