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WISE WEDNESDAY: 4 Simple Steps to a More Productive Mindset

Productivity is something we all strive for. Being the best we can be, showing up, being authentic and getting the most out of the time we have. But what happens when our day is affected by unforeseen external factors. Or we're off mentally? What happens when our routine is disrupted and our intentions to get things done are ruined?

With just a little forethought, here are four ways to set yourself up to achieve more and ultimately build a better mindset into your daily routine:

1. Always be ready.

Meetings get canceled. Friends run late. Plans have to be rescheduled on a whim. When time like this opens up in our schedule, we suddenly have time in our day we didn’t have before. Instead of wasting this time being upset or feeling let down, use this time for good. See it as a gift instead of a waste. “Found” time can be used to do things like writing a “thank you” or “I noticed” card, sharing appreciation with someone you work with. You also could use that time to update your “to-do” list.You can even read a chapter of that book, or make some calls that you’ve been putting off.When you let go of what you can’t control and look at what you can control, you'll take a huge step in getting your day back on track....

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