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WISE WEDNESDAY: 3 Traits Cultural Keepers Must Possess

It feels like more has been written about business culture in the past few years than in the entire previous century, and justifiably so. Smart companies and business leaders know the right culture can make all the difference. Unfortunately, much of what grabs the headlines revolves around the more sensationalistic cultural components. Egg freezing, zero hierarchy and paying for the college tuition of employees' children are just a few innovations or "gimmicks" that have drawn mainstream media attention.

While there's nothing wrong, per se, with any of the above mentioned benefits, they can steer leadership teams to focus on the wrong drivers of culture. The "wow" of the "hip" office quickly wears off and elaborate benefits packages can get taken for granted by even the most conscientious employees. And, surely, some on your team are not planning on having children, already have grown children or actually do want a great boss who can mentor them....

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