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WISE WEDNESDAY: The Secret to Employee Engagement

Most seasoned leaders know that the key to a strong workforce and high morale is fostering and encouraging high levels of employee engagement, but the million dollar question is: how? As a corporate trainer for more than a decade, counseling leaders and teams, I’ve found that the key to employee engagement is having leaders and organizations who consciously work to consistently and simultaneously engage and feed the head and the heart.

In many ways, finding the right employee fit for a particular position is much like dating. Clearly, it’s important to look for fit in terms of similarities in background. A candidate/employee can be a great fit on paper but not in reality. So how does the resume review often lead us astray? It doesn’t take into account chemistry which often is the real magic that creates lasting excitement and interest. While reviewing resumes is important for assessing fit with the brain, it's often is a poor barometer for assessing fit with the heart. Clearly, for employees to feel a true sense of passion and engagement with their organization, just checking the boxes of whether or not they have the requisite experience and skills is not enough.

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