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WISE WEDNESDAY: To Get More Feedback, Act More Coachable

It’s hard to say who dreads critical feedback more: the manager giving it or the person receiving it. As the receiver, it can be uncomfortable and stressful to hear that you’re not performing well. And the manager, knowing this, fears that the receiver may not react productively and therefore is likely to postpone sharing their views.

But we all need and want feedback. That’s how we get better at our jobs and advance in our careers. So it’s up to you to show your boss that you are willing to hear and act on feedback. The more your boss perceives you as “coachable,” the more likely they are to take the risk and time to give you their feedback.

So what can you do to increase your boss’s perception of your “coachability”? Here are a few suggestions based on my research and experience working with managers around the globe....

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