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WISE WEDNESDAY: 5 Easy Ways to Relieve Your Overworked Employees

Everybody wants a crew of hard-working employees, people who come in every day focused and ready to tackle whatever is thrown at them.

However, there’s a thin line between productivity and burnout. And that line gets crossed when employees believe that they have to work longer hours. So they keep going, even after the business day is over.

This is more common than most realize. The 2015 State of Enterprise Work report from Workfront looked at the working hours of more than 600 employees. Surprisingly, the No. 1 reason (52 percent) employees said they worked longer hours wasn’t to catch up on tasks, but to get ahead.

Why do employees feel this need to work longer hours unnecessarily? Do they think that that’s what’s expected of them? Or are they trying to avoid getting buried by work?

Perhaps a better question is: Why are managers allowing this?

Great managers should create an environment where employees feel appreciated for the work they do, rather than believe they need to do more and more.

While the latter scenario, on the surface, may seem like a great thing, it leads to exhausted and frustrated employees.

Here’s how managers can create an environment where employees don’t feel the need to overwork themselves...

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