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WISE WEDNESDAY: 5 Tips Before Implementing Your Wellness Program

With large companies, like Google and Facebook, taking wellness programs to extremes - and spending a large chunk of money in the process -- it can be difficult to understand how the costs balance out for smaller businesses. With just a little digging, though, it’s clear that employee wellness is a sound investment for even the smallest of businesses.

At a small business, employee wellness brings about a unique set of benefits. Yes, you could still see a positive ROI, which is a great perk to wellness in any business. You might also notice improved productivity, easier talent acquisition and retention and an increase in brand recognition.

Perhaps you’ve heard about all these great wellness benefits. Maybe you’re thinking of starting a wellness program where you work. Or you might even be revamping a program you’ve already implemented. Regardless, there are a few things you should know before diving into a wellness strategy...

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