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WISE WEDNESDAY: 3 Simple Ways to Sharpen Your Mental Focus

There is nothing easy about being an entrepreneur. When you own a business, all of the weight is on your shoulders. You are responsible for making it happen, not only for your own livelihood, but also for the people working for you.

Many entrepreneurs credit coaches and mentors with helping them stay sharp and get through difficult times. Over the past few months, I have been exploring the possibilities of working with a coach, and after some inner-circle networking, I connected with Chris Majer, founder and CEO of the Human Potential Project and The Drivers Seat.

Majer’s professional career evolved out of his early days as a competitive rugby player. In 1981, he began working exclusively with athletes to isolate and reproduce the elements of consistent winning performance, which caught the attention of the military. Majer and his firm then spent nearly three years working with the army to design new ways of training soldiers. In the following years, Majer began working with corporate clients, growing into a skilled team of professionals working globally. At his peak, Majer was the principal architect of transformational projects for corporate clients such as AT&T, Cargill, Microsoft, Intel, EDS, Capital One, Amgen and Allianz Life of North America...

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