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WISE WEDNESDAY: Self Care is Essential in Trump’s America: #NowWhat

Take a deep breath.

The past few weeks were quite stressful for a lot of people. So stressful that I’ve noticed a bad trend surfacing among my friends: extreme sniping.

Stressing way out

Anyone knows that living with constant stress isn’t great for your health or relationships. That fact has presented itself via my social media news feeds, and in my “real” life more than a few times this past week.

Look, we’re all exhausted. Since the president was sworn in, America has witnessed two straight weekends of protests. Many Americans, myself included, wake up most mornings with a knot in their stomach wondering, “what happened since I went to sleep and how is it going to hurt my loved ones.”

So, how do we combat this fear? I’m going to present a few things that have helped me calm down...

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