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WISE Wednesday: Manage Your Stress by Monitoring Your Body’s Reactions to It

Jack is well-known in his company for delivering growth through high-performing, cross-functional teams. Where others get stuck in silos, he fosters innovation through collaboration. But these days, when you exit the elevator on his floor, you sense fear wafting through the halls. He’s nine months into a new role as Business Unit Leader, and a lot has changed. So far his tenure is marked by poor communication, eroding morale, and weak results. Managers aren’t even working together anymore. They retreat to their corners and protect their turf.

Jack prides himself on leading with an approachable, down-to-earth style. He’s always had an open door policy. He champions high potentials. He plays right-field on the company softball team. But this new role is challenging. He’s working harder than ever. Losing sleep on red-eye flights. He’s frustrated that people won’t get on board with his strategy. And shocked he can’t get traction building trust. The ultimate team player in the past, Jack now feels isolated from nearly everyone around him.

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