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The California Mental Health Services Act (MHSA/Prop. 63) requires agencies receiving MHSA funding to meaningfully include clients and their family members in the creation and delivery of public mental health services.  This is frequently accomplished by hiring peer staff to provide direct support and recovery services to public mental health clients and their families. 


While the MHSA’s mandate to hire and retain consumer and family member staff is clear, the path to the successful implementation of this mandate remains elusive. If employers do not prepare and plan for the hiring of peers or do not adequately support them once hired, the success, growth, and continuity of peer-run services are at risk.  We help employers get it right no matter where they are in this process.


We meet agencies where they are, listen to their needs and what they want to accomplish, and find ways to help them reach their goals.  We accomplish this through:


  • Collaborative Learning and Mutual Support

  • Comprehensive Workplace Needs Assessments

  • In-Person and On-Call Technical Assistance

  • Custom Online and Instructor-Led Trainings

  • Relevant Research and Educational Resources

  • Professional Networking and Social Connections

  • Peer Training, Job Coaching, And Professional Development​


For additional information regarding peers and how WISE can assist in your needs, please click here.

For additional information regarding employers and how WISE can assist your agency, please click here.

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