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Thank you all for attending!

See you next year, at WISE California Annual Conference 2020

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WISE California's annual Peer Employment Conference is designed specifically for employers and peer professionals in California's Public Mental Health System. Participants will gain a better understanding of important factors impacting peer employment, useful tools they can apply in their workplaces, and contacts from like-minded agencies to share knowledge and experiences related peer integration beyond this conference.


To be eligible to attend this free event, you must be working or volunteering in California's Public Mental Health System (PMHS). Only individuals working or volunteering in positions connected to peer support services may attend. 

Eligible positions include: 

  • People who oversee peer programs and/or positions:  Managers, supervisors, team leaders, etc.

  • Peer support professionals and volunteers: Peer specialists, peer support specialists, peer partners, peer advocates, peer mentors, peer counselors, recovery coaches, parent partners, family advocates, family and friends coordinators, youth advocates, etc.


PMHS means publicly-funded mental health programs/services and entities that are administered, in whole or in part, by the State departments or county. It does not include programs and/or services administered, in whole or in part by federal, state, county or private correctional entities. Title 9, CCR, 3200.253 

Conference Photos

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