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WISE WEDNESDAY: Managing Work Related Stress : Help Employees Deal with It

In an “always-on” digital age, stress can affect workers in every type of business. The results can be harmful, from personal turmoil to professional burnout. Business owners and managers must take a proactive approach to workplace stress by understanding its causes, working to remove workplace stressors, and compassionately supporting workers who are stressed.

When workers operate under serious strain, they pose a systemic risk to the entire businesses. Their productivity may sag and work quality can become erratic. At the same time, the likelihood these workers come into conflict with their colleagues inside the firm and partners and clients outside the firm increases dramatically. In severe cases, overstressed workers may develop serious health problems that take a financial and emotional toll on businesses.

Instead of allowing workplace stress to fester and result in these serious consequences, business owners should find a better way. They should work to adjust the structure and expectations of their workplace to create a supporting environment that encourages success instead of stress. This goes beyond simply putting in place new policies; in many cases, a shift in mindset is needed to tackle the challenge of workplace stress head on...

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